Alternative hip hop group Freenauts, an Anonymous-inspired outfit of anarchist musicians, is releasing two new singles today focused on singing the praises of libertarian females.  

via East Orlando Post – February 14, 2017

Freenauts first caught our eye in 2016 with their politically-charged hits, Clinton Crime Cartel and Justice for Danney Williams, that took stabs at the former Presidential family through sensational rap lyrics detailing the worst of Bill and Hillary’s scandals. Those attack anthems gained notoriety after being featured on World Star Hip Hop and Drudge Report at the height of last year’s election.

The “Crazy Sexy Rebel” music video can be seen below.

Now Freenauts founder Alex Vidal says they’re ready to spread more positive vibes.

“Ron Paul was right,” Vidal quips, “that any movement of significance must have two things: young people and creative music. With the advent of the Trump era, protest-driven art is making a big comeback.”

The new songs, Crazy Sexy Rebel and Third Party Girl, are about celebrating women who’ve dedicated their talents to the message of free minds and free markets. Notable examples include independent journalists and acclaimed TV producers Lauren Southern, Abby Martin, and Kennedy, among others who are mentioned and sampled on the records.

Culture precedes politics. If we want more liberty from the political system, we first need to see more liberty in the arts.

Freenauts plan to release their debut album, Beats, Rhymes and Liberty, in early 2017. Follow @Freenauts and stream or download their music free at

Freenauts – “Third Party Girl”